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RouteSmith is professional route optimization and dispatch software that is easy to use, affordable and designed to improve the profitability of your business.  RouteSmith is powerful and sophisticated so you can control fuel costs, increase throughput and improve customer satisfaction.

  • NEW!  Enhanced GPS Functionality:  RouteSmith has partnered with a number of companies including AirClic, DogStar, Field Force Manager, GearWorks and TeleNav Track to create an enhanced suite of location based services.  These services run on a variety of phone networks including AT&T, Nextel, Sprint and Verizon.
  • Save Time:  Use RouteSmith routing software to automate your delivery process & reduce planning time by 75% or more!
  • Increase Deliveries:  Improve your route optimization and delivery frequency by creating more efficient routes.
  • Track Driver Performance:  Increase performance metrics and leverage higher overall customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce Fuel Costs:  RouteSmith route optimization software automatically plots your most efficient route.
  • Scaleable:  RouteSmith routing software works for businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 enterprises to local delivery companies.
  • Secure Web Based Software:  No new software or server hardware is required to implement RouteSmith.
  • No Long-Term Contracts:  Use RouteSmith routing software as much or as little as your business demands.  

Pricing Schedule
Routesmith pricing is based on the number of vehicles or "mobile assets" in your fleet.  We offer volume discounts, so the more vehicles that you manage, the lower your monthly vehicle subscription becomes.

  • Monthly vehicle subscription starts at $69.95 per vehicle (or mobile asset), per month
  • 3 subscription minimum
  • Volume discounts available
  • Please call (503)259-8646 for a free customized price quote
  • We are happy to help your company develop a customized ROI worksheet to understand the total cost of using RouteSmith 

Ruggedized Hand Held Data Collection Terminals for your routes make good business sense.  Batch or WiFi solutions add the final piece to the solution that achieves maximum payback along with your routing investment.

Ask about the options available for AT&T, Cingular, T-mobil or Verizon & Sprint networks.