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Linkspoint Navigation Solutions:


A powerful and cost effective solution GPS for mobile computers that increases efficiency and control of field workers and fleets.  RouteTrak is a GPS-based solution for vehicle history tracking and analysis ("breadcrumbing").

RouteTrak offers unique and powerful features for collecting, reviewing and reporting on vehicle travel data.  The key benefit of RouteTrak is in providing managers unprecedented visibility into the actual actions of workers in the field through the analysis of highly detailed GPS-based vehicle trails - all without the added cost of wireless airtime.  RouteTrak's capabilities offer users the opportunity to increase efficiency and fleet safety while at the same time reducing operating costs.  RouteTrak offers a toolkit for easy, seamless integration mobile workforce applications.

RouteTrak combines a GPS receiver with a handheld computer to collect the travel history of vehicles or personnel.  A "breadcrumb trail" of GPS points is captured and stored on the handheld computer when the vehicle is on the road and then uploaded for analysis when the vehicle returns to the office or depot.  Travel history can be displayed at any point in time after the route has occurred and uploaded with map and text reporting of actual route taken, stop location and times, vehicle speed, actual miles traveled and more.  GlobalPoint RouteTrak can be integrated with popular third party route optimization applications for auditing "planned versus actual" travel.

RouteTrak is the perfect solution if you need to track vehicle activity, but don't want the added cost of real-time tracking.


  • Terminal captures travel history in the field
  • Data collection can be invisible to driver
  • Upload "breadcrumb" trail by WLAN or batch
  • Analyze vehicle activity as text or map display
  • Reports include stops, speed, miles traveled & more 


  • Increase accountability & productivity of field personnel
  • Document actual stops made
  • Analyze route and identify areas of improvement
  • Reduce or eliminate "out of route" travel
  • Add more stops per day
  • Save on fuel costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce driver & administration overtime 

Field Force Navigator

Increase your fleet's productivity and decrease your operating costs with LinksPoint's turn-by-turn navigation solution designed for enterprise mobile computers.  Field Force Navigator establishes current vehicle location with GPS and used its advanced routing technology to dynamically determine the best route to any destination.  It then uses audible voice prompts (such as "Turn right on East Avenue") to guide the driver to the desired destination.  This "eyes free" user interface promotes safety by keeping the driver focused on the road.  If a driver makes a wrong turn, Field Force Navigator automatically recalulates the route based on the ongoing vehicle position for complete and effective door-to-door routing.

Field Force Navigator features a software developer's kit (SDK) that allows it to be integrated with other handheld applications for enterprise usage.  For example a "Navigate" button can be added to a "Work Order" screen for a delivery application.  If the driver needs directions, he can click on the button and the address is turned over to Field Force Navigator, which calculates the current position and then provides "spoken" prompts to guide the driver to the destination.

You will decrease "lost" driver time, fuel costs and the time associated with locating addresses on a paper map.

Navigation Features: 

  • Toolkit for integration with third party applications
  • Turn-by-turn voice prompts guide you to your destination
  • Choose shortest or quickest route
  • Shows dynamic and interactive maps throughout the trip
  • Automatically recalculates the route if a turn is missed
  • Fully featured menus and audio visual navigation
  • Detour feature for dynamically selecting alternate routes
  • Constantly updates estimated time of arrival based on actual travel