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We have an extensive selection of products available to you from over 100 manufacturers who build products that help you run your business.  The items seen below are just a few of the more popular categories of equipment we sell.  

Cash Drawers



Check Readers

Plastic Cards

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Point of Sale Equipment

Scanner Accessories


Pole Displays

Service Offerings

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POS Accessories

Software Solutions

Mobile Computers


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Mobile Computer Accessories


Wireless Devices

We believe it is very beneficial for you to take advantage of our experience in this industry and allow us to help suggest a make and model even if you already have one in mind.  Products change so fast and there are so many options to choose from, that our free assistance will get you the right product the first time around.  We have what you need for sure, we just can't show everything we offer or have available to you on this website as it changes so often. Contact us and let us help you decide which choices are best for your specific needs.


This is a moderately-priced, high-performance handheld bar code scanner best suited for retail and healthcare.  Typical models come with a 5 year warranty.



This level of scanner offers IP65-rated sealing which protects the scanner against elements and dust, while its rugged design withstands multiple drops onto concrete. On-board interfaces enable use with different hosts.



Your managers, executives, doctors and salespeople can’t be tied to a desk. To be effective they have to be on the shop floor, with an important customer, at a patient’s bedside, or in the retail aisle. With this rugged enterprise digital assistant, they have immediate access to the most current enterprise information, using both voice and data communications along with barcode scanning in a single device.



Designed for workers inside your four walls, this style offers advanced data capture options and integrated wireless LAN/PAN plus a comfortable ergonomic pistol grip to enable real-time data collection in scan-intensive environments.  In the warehouse, on the loading dock, out in the yard, or out on the sales floor this form factor delivers it all.



Whether your workers are on a forklift, at a fixed station or moving through the warehouse aisles, the VC5090 provides the tools needed to increase productivity and reduce errors in shipping and receiving, as well as put-away and picking applications. The results are improved decision making, streamlining of warehouse operations, and a positive impact on your bottom line.



Rugged tablets bring the work to the job site and allows for WAN/WLAN/PAN as well as well as barcode scanning, photos, card swipe and GPS.  Easy to hold light and rugged these products replace the clumbsy laptops and offer a truely mobile experience.



Point of Sale solutions come in the form of cash drawers, pole displays, receipt printers, monitors, keyboards, magnetic card swipes and scanners.  Bundled solutions or individual componants are available to customers who want to create a custom POS cash wrap solution.



Wireless products like these shown are becoming a commonly seen sight at more and more companies who are learning to expand their networks out into the warehouse and beyond.  Wireless networking allows for software applications to be run on rugged data collection terminals in warehouse environments as well as campuses, hospitals, manufacturers, anywhere work is taking place.  Security is now the buzz word and companies are requiring higher levels of network security all the time.



RFID solutions enable you to advance your business to a new level of efficiency by providing greater visibility into your inventory as it moves across the supply chain. With real-time tracking information, you'll always know where your critical business assets are.  Fixed mount for fork lifts or portable devices as well as portals all these solutions are available.



We offer a large selection of label stock and ribbons for any make or model of barcode or receipt printer.  Direct thermal, thermal transfer, preprinted and custom labels all available.  Specialty labels for those tough applications like outdoor in direct sun on rough surfaces that get exposed to chemicals, etc.



Here you see accessories.  We carry all types of accessories for the products you are using like: battery packs, holsters, stylus, cradles, cables, power supplies and much more.