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Barcode Scanners - Barcode Equipment - Barcode Software 


We provide a wide variety of inventory management and barcode products including barcode scanners, barcode printers, data collection terminals, barcode software, touch screen monitors, receipt printers, and a variety of RFID products.

We also offer cash drawers, check readers, keyboards, kiosks, and many other products.  Contact us for assistance in choosing the best models for your applications. 

To be competitive in today's market place it is important to be able to share data via a wireless network with your workforce and to have an instant communications network with your IT department and managers.  You can now eliminate wasted travel time between the employee and their supervisor by having data wirelessly transmitted out to a worker's hand held terminal.  The wireless network now connects all employees with a means of communication and information sharing.
Workers are now able to reach anyone with a PC, anywhere in the company at any time from anywhere.  Production is increased because downtime and lack of information & travel time are all decreased.

Distributors, manufacturers, retailers, and logistics companies have been using this technology for 20 years with great success.  About 75% of the fortune 500 companies are currently using these technologies with great success and enjoying the business advantages that come with the proper implementation of this technology. 

Its time to become a leader in your field and not a follower any longer and make the most out of all your efforts by automating those last few processes and breaking free of all the paper processes.

We will help you figure out how to take that next step in deciding how to best capture and manage the data you need to operate your business more efficiently.

Are you ready for RFID? Motorola is!!!

Motorola is an industry leader in fixed, mobile and handheld RFID products.  This technology is taking many companies to a new level of visibility into their assets & how and where these assets are at any given moment.  RFID is not a fix all for every customer or application, but if done properly and designed correctly it can perform wonders and resolve many business obsticles.
Ask if this technology is right for your application.  
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Benefits of Barcoding
  • Eliminate overtime                             
  • Reduce inventory levels
  • Eliminate stock shortages
  • Increase inventory turns
  • Increase efficiency
  • Better visibility of inventory
  • Fewer laborers needed
  • Eliminate duplicate sales
  • Fewer shipping mistakes
  • Eliminate misplaced inventory
  • Better customer service
  • Better communications

Mobile Computing at it's finest